URGENT NOTICE - ICT Business and Systems Analyst (ANZSCO 2611) Ceilings hit

21 Apr 2015


The Department of Immigration have recently made the following announcement.

As there are still high levels of interest from prospective skilled migrants in the following occupations, pro rata arrangements for these occupational groups will continue:
· Accountants
· Software and Applications Programmers.

Please note that occupations ceilings for ICT Business and Systems Analyst (ANZSCO 2611) has been reached and no further invitations will be issued for this occupation for the skilled Independent subclass 189 and skilled regional provisional subclass 489 until the next financial year which will begin on the 1st of July 2015. The Table below shows the Department's ceiling figures for the oversubscribed occupation groups and those that are close to being filled:

Details of the cut-offs for these occupations will continue to be included in the regular invitation round reports. An invitation is permission from the government that allows invitees to apply for a visa and the skilled migration program for Australia. Invitations are issued twice a month.

Immigration2oz still recommends getting decision ready so that we are ready to lodge, as soon as possible as soon as new opportunities arises.

For those looking to apply on the 189 visa as a Systems or Business Analyst we recommend proceeding with your EOI as soon as possible. Providing that your occupation remains on the list in the new year, when the new financial year begins the quota will reset. Those who have lodged an EOI prior to July will remain in the queue for an invitation into the new year, lodging your EOI before the new year begins will see you higher placed in this queue then those who wait until July. Applications for these occupations will still be considered for a subclass 190 State Nominated visa by States / Territories that are nominating the occupations. Currently the occupations Systems Analyst and Business Analyst are nominated by New South Wales, Northern Territory, Tasmania, and Victoria.

At the beginning of each financial year the State Migration Plans are negotiated by each State/Territory with the Federal Government. In so doing all eight States/Territories (States) effectively short list occupations that they will publish on their State Nomination Occupations Lists (SNOLs); for which they will accept nomination applications. Each occupation is subject to a quota which is renegotiated annually after the 1st July. Please note that thereafter the State Migration Plans (SMP’s) are regularly revised, and liable to change, due to the imposed ceilings and quotas. As a result nominations for your occupation could change before you are ready to apply for your State nomination. Although we cannot predict what State(s) will nominate your occupation in the future, we have noted that the best time to lodge State Nominated applications is in the latter half of the year, because the nominations peak shortly after the July state nomination renegotiations.

In the interim it may be prudent to get ‘decision ready’ by applying for a skill assessment which we can assist you with. This application, together with obtaining your English language test result can take approximately 4-6 months to achieve.
Only after this point will you then be ‘decision ready’ (i.e.: ready to decide whether, or not, to apply). It is only after becoming ‘decision ready’ that you can apply for your State Nomination, should a Nomination still be available.

Should Nominations not be available, or if you are not happy with your nomination options, you can also decide to pursue a permanent employer sponsored ENS visa (Subclass 186): providing you obtain a satisfactory job offer AND you already have a skill assessment - looking for job offers is another option to pursue once you are ‘decision ready.’

When the time comes will you be ready to apply?

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