Updates Made To Visa Processing Times

25 Jul 2018

July 2018 has brought some significant changes to many of the global visa processing times, as published by the Australian Department of Home Affairs. Unfortunately the new processing times listed provide significant increases to a number of Parent Visas and Partner Visas, which will be distressing news to many prospective applicants and those awaiting their visa grants. The official processing time list represents two timeframes - showing how long 75% and 90% of applications are taken to finalise respectively. At present the department are updating this on a monthly basis.

In order to access the definitive list of timeframes for each visa type published by the Department of Home Affairs please follow this link: Global Visa and Citizenship Processing Times

The processing times are affected each month by a number of factors that are considered by the department, however are not always a fair reflection as to how long it will definitevely take. As such we would not recommend making travel plans based on processing times due to the risk involved, but similarly at Immigration2oz we have often recognised more positive timeframes in receiving visa grants than suggested by the Department of Home Affairs.

Immigration2oz always recommend taking extra care in an application to ensure a successful visa grant in the quickest possible time. Having assisted a great number of clients in achieving this more promptly than anticipated so far, we would be excited at the prospect of helping many more do so. We are always here to provide further information regarding these changes and any other visa-related queries or concerns, so please feel free to send us an email through to or give us a call on 01483550914to discuss further.