16 Apr 2020

The Australian government recognises the important part that temporary visa holders play in the Australian economy and society so they have introduced several changes to help temporary visa holders during the coronavirus crisis. These changes have been geared toward enabling temporary visa holders to remain in key industries, such as health, aged and disability care, agriculture and food processing.

The Subclass 408 visa is a Temporary Activity visa that allows the holder a temporary stay in Australia to do specific types of work.

There are 10 streams available under the Subclass 408 visa, which allows people to access this visa in a variety of situations. One of the streams under the Subclass 408 visa is for ‘Australian Government endorsed events’ (AGEE). On 4th April 2020, the Government listed the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic as relevant ‘event’. Thus, there is now a new COVID-19 Pandemic event visa option available.

To apply for the new COVID-19 Pandemic event visa, you must:

• Be onshore in Australia
• Hold a visa that is 28 days or less from expiring, OR has held a substantive visa within the last 28 days
• Be unable to apply for the same temporary visa you hold or held
• Be unable to apply for any subclass of temporary visa other than the Subclass 408 visa
• Be engaged in, or have the relevant skills to, undertake critical work relating to the supply of essential goods and services related to the COVID-19 Pandemic, such as healthcare, disability and aged care, childcare    and agriculture.

The new COVID-19 Pandemic event visa does not attract a Visa Application Charge (VAC). The visa is only available to people who are onshore and have 28 days or less remaining on their current visa or where their last substantive visa has expired up to 28 days previously. You must hold eligible health insurance, have enough money to support yourself and any dependent family members on your family, and will only be able to stay in Australia for the duration of the Pandemic event.

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