Skilled Visa Age Limit Reduction

30 Jun 2017

We have unfortunately received notification today that the Department of Immigration and Border Protection will lower the age limit to 45 years of age for Subclass 186 (Direct Entry Pathway), 189, 190 and 489 ('General Skilled') visas on 1 July 2017. The relevant legislative instrument is yet to be released, and therefore we do not know any further detail surrounding this newsflash.

Although the relevant legislative instrument has not yet been released, our understanding is that points-tested skilled migration will no longer be possible for applicants over 45 under any circumstances. These unforseeable new regulations have been made without prior notification and as such come very much as a surprise to us here at Immigration2oz.

For further details and to disect how it affects your individual circumstances please don't hesitate to contact us on 01483550914 or so that one of our registered migration agents can have a discussion with you, or we can arrange a more detailed consultation.

We are very sorry to be the bearers of bad news to anyone who is adversely affected by these changes, but we thought it was best to provide an update as soon as possible.