11 Jul 2019


We thought that you might like an update regarding Skilled Migration now that we have entered a new program year for 2019-2020, given that the Migration year starts on the 1st of July. At the moment the Invitation thresholds are set to:

85 points for 189 Skilled Independent Visa (for general occupations); and,
90 Points for the 489 Skilled Regional Family Sponsored Visa.
We expect these thresholds to reduce quite gradually during the new program year, making it unlikely that applicants scoring below 75 points will be invited for the 189 visa in the foreseeable future. Looking at the figures for this program year, we expect an average of 800 ITA's for the 189 visa per month going forward.

For this reason, we strongly believe that State Migration will be the secret to success for most applicants under skilled migration, now that we have entered a new program year. As of the 10th of July, only South Australia and ACT have published their new lists. Most States have given no indication as to when they will update, besides:
Victoria - will release the new list on 29th of July; and,
Queensland - will release the new list towards the end of July.
We expected that after the 15th of July most of the States should have published their State lists, but cannot be certain of this.


Every July the visa charges creep up by between 5-7%. The Department of Immigration has published these figures and the new charges for all skilled visas are as follows: 

Main Applicant Charge:    A$ 4,045 (old fee: A$ 3,755)
Additional Applicants (over 18):  A$ 2,025 (old fee: A$ 1,875)
Additional Applicants (under 18):  A$ 1,010 (old fee: A$    940)


Considering recent changes to the skilled lists earlier this year, in March, there have been no published changes to the skilled lists this July.


Both 489 Family and State Nominated Regional Skilled Visas are being superseded by the subclass 491 Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa on November 16th 2019. However, the Department of Immigration has announced that they will be closing the 489 streams on the 10th of September 2019. This means the no further Invitations to Apply (ITA's) will be awarded for the subclass 489 from 10th of September. Unfortunately, this early closure of the 489 Stream will create a blackout period between the 10th of September - 16th November when no ITA's will be granted for the 489. Neither will applicants be able to express interest to apply for the 489 or new 491 visas during this period. Skillsellect will only accept new EOI's for the subclass 491 visa from the 16th November.

We expect that if applicants have not lodged a 489 State Nomination application by early August that they will not have enough time to be Invited for this visa subclass before the close in September, and they will have to wait for the opening of the new 491 visa in November before proceeding with their application.

For more information about the new 491 visa please click the following link.

Please note that EOIs and ITAs for subclasses 189 and 190 will not be affected during this transition period. 


It is likely that most of our clients will collect between 5-10 extra bonus points this November when changes to the points test are introduced on the 16th of November. This is another point of discussion and a good reason why we want to discuss your case with you. For more information about these proposed changes please click here to read our recent news item regarding the November changes.

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