14 Apr 2020

We want to reassure you that regardless of the travel restrictions we are still working hard on your visa application. We are working remotely and endeavouring to be as flexible as possible in this ever-changing climate. We are confident that when the travel bans are lifted, movement in and out of Australia will resume.

If you are stuck at home this is a great time to undertake some tasks that will help move your visa along, like; updating your CV, gathering together any documents you may need and completing your English test. Take this time (if you have it) to make the most of ‘lockdown’ and start planning your move down under.

Visa Applications

As most visa applications are electronic it means that Department of Immigration officials can still process applications even if they are required to work from home. As far as we have seen there has been no change to the visa processing system and we are still able to lodge visas and get on with related tasks as usual. The exception is medical tests, which have been suspended for everyone’s safety until further notice. With the visa processing times being quite long for many visas, now is the perfect time to lodge your visa.

State Nomination

Again, as most state applications are electronic, we have not seen any major disruption to State Nomination applications. State nominations are going ahead with a ‘business as usual’ attitude, so don’t be put off! We can still lodge your State Nomination application.

English Test

Most English test providers have closed their test centres due to public health concerns, so it is increasingly difficult to get the English test done during the pandemic. However, we have discovered that there is a new home test that will still allow you to get on with this. TOEFL is offering students the ability to take the test online, from home. For more information and to register to take the test please see below;

Your computer must meet the equipment requirements for the test, including the installation of the ETS Test Browser and the ProctorU Systems Check and you must have a room that provides an acceptable environment for the test.

Skills Assessments

As far as we can tell all skill assessing bodies are still open for business and we are still able to lodge skills assessments, processing times are likely to be a little slower as many staff members will be working from home. However, we can still get your skills assessment lodged. Considering we need to collect a fair amount of documentary evidence from you to lodge your skills assessment, the lockdown provides the perfect opportunity to gather the required documents that have eluded you for so long.
Some skills assessment, mainly for ‘tradies’, have required face-to-face technical or practical assessments. Even these have been adjusted for everyone’s safety and will still be going ahead.
If you need to undertake a technical interview assessment for your skills assessment VETASSESS has confirmed that the Trades Recognition Australia has given VETASSESS permission to conduct Technical Interview assessments by online video conferencing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

The applicant must:

• Use Adobe Connect software for the Technical Interview with the assessor.
• Provide government-approved photographic identification before the interview can commence.
• Answer the assessor, in English, without assistance.
• Be physically present, and alone, at all times during the Interview.

For more information see

Our partners are also on call to answer any questions you may have regarding moving money, pets and belongings so don't hesitate to get in contact with them and start planning your move.

We are living in unprecedented times, but we are confident that when the travel bans are lifted, movement in and out of the country will resume. In the meantime, we are still here to assist you with your immigration plans, so don’t lose hope, contact us today and let’s make your dream life down under a reality.

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