Department of Immigration (DIAC) increases Visa Application Charges by another 15%

12 Aug 2013

The Department of Immigration (DIAC) normally announce an increase in the Visa Application Charge (VAC) effective from 1 July each year.

This year they chose not to increase the VAC on 1st July but decided on an additional charge for each secondary applicant. The expectation in the industry was that there would be no further increase in the VAC until 1 July 2014. 
Surprisingly on Friday 9th August, DIAC announced a further increase of 15% on the VAC effective from 1st September.

To see a table of the new VAC fees (effective from 1st September 2013) please click here. 

Whilst these two increases are substantial, it is a small proportion of the total cost of moving to Australia and should be looked at in the context of all the advantages which come with permanent residency. This would include: eventual citizenship, health care, other social security benefits, and the first time home owners allowance.


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