Breaking News! Parent Visa AOS Changes will be reversed

10 May 2018

Immigration2oz have received some fantastic news today that will surely be a relief to many of our clients, along with other prospecitve migrants out there, in relation to the Contributory Parent Visas.

The dramatic changes to the income threshold requirement for Assurance of Support announced on 26th March by Dan Tehan, the Minister for Social Services, will now be reversed. See the article which appeared earlier on SBS news earlier:

In the article SBS News advised they have obtained a letter Mr Tehan sent to Greens senator Nick McKim on Wednesday, confirming the government would undo the regulation rather than face a narrow defeat on the floor of the upper house.
The government will revert to the old rules and will “reassess” any migrants who applied since the April change. Mr Tehan plans to rewrite the legislative instrument before May 23, the letter confirms, and will “replicate the circumstances as they were prior to April 1”. “Any individual that has had an assessment under the new provisions will be reassessed,” Mr Tehan writes.

The changes will come as a relief to many, however we understand that some people would not yet have been aware on the initial proposition or may face confusion as to what this now means for them.

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