Australian skilled occupation lists changes

7 Mar 2014

We have been notified that the Skilled Occupation lists are to be reviewed. DIBP has advised there will be a review in the near future of the Skilled Occupations Lists to reflect occupations that were not in the earlier versions of ANZSCO, but are included in the latest version (Version 2.1) released 5 July 2013.

What does this mean? 
We are told that new occupations will be added, but the big question is will they remove occupations?

During the last review some occupations were demoted from SOL to CSOL. Unfortunately, certain CSOL occupations were, also, completely removed from CSOL list. Once an occupation has been removed from both lists, visa options to Australia for that occupation are no longer available under skilled migration or employer sponsorship. 

It is difficult to advise clients at this stage as to what changes we can anticipate -  we will certainly keep you updated of any further announcements.
If you are at all concerned about this news - our recommendation would be to try to lodge your application forthwith to avoid any adverse changes that may be imminent.

It is unfortunate that we cannot predict future changes, however, in order to try anticipate these we need to be mindful of previous regulation changes.

For more information about the previous changes please read this previous news article.

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