Are my teaching qualifications recognised in Australia?

To migrate to Australia under skilled migration you will first need to have your skill assessed by the relevant assessment body. Unfortuantely their requirements are very strict. 

If you are a qualified teacher you will need the correct qualifcations or set of qualifications to obtain a positive skill assessment. 

My Bachelor's degree is not related to teaching. Can I still factor this into my assessment?Yes, provided you have completed a minimum of four years, full time higher education level study of which, one of those years involved completion of an initial teacher education qualification. For example, you may have completed a three year Bachelor of Science degree and a one year Post Graduate Diploma in Education.

What is an initial teacher education qualification?
This is the qualification required to teach in an early childhood (pre-primary school), primary or secondary school classroom. The initial teacher education qualification must involve at least one year of full-time study (or part-time equivalent) and be specific to the stage of schooling of the nominated occupation. The final academic transcript for the initial teacher qualification must include a program of professional studies in education including discipline-specific curriculum, pedagogical studies, general education studies and supervised teaching practice relevant to the age range of the students for the occupation you have nominated.

What is supervised teaching practice?
Supervised teaching practice is the compulsory component of an initial teacher education program during which time a student teacher is on a school placement and engaged in the teaching and learning process with school students. This teaching practice is under the supervision of a qualified teacher and university education staff and is formally assessed. A minimum of 45 days of supervised teaching practice with the age range of the students relevant to your nominated occupation is required. University based teaching practice activities undertaken with fellow students and university staff will not be considered.

What if an applicant has heatlh concerns?

DIBP's concerns are that the health of a prospective migrant might impact on others in Australia, and they will look at:

  • The “standard” legislative framework of the health requirement is provided for at PIC 4005.
    To meet the health requirement, applicants must complete any requested immigration health examinations and must not be assessed by a MOC as having:

    active TB — for further advice, refer to Tuberculosis (TB)

    a condition that may result in them being a threat to public health or a danger to the community

    a condition that is likely to result in a significant cost to the Australian community in the areas of health care and community services (that is, under policy is likely to require health care and community services which are estimated to cost more than the significant cost threshold of AUD 40 000) and/or

    a condition that would prejudice the access of Australian citizens or permanent residents to services that are considered to be in short supply (currently, organ transplants and dialysis).

If the prognosis of any applicant condition is likely to cause concern then they will provide notice of intent to refuse listing the reasons.  There is therefore an opportunity to refute their assessment of the situation with evidence that the condition will not impact on Australia as alleged.

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