Working Holiday Visas

Working Holiday visas are primarily designed for young backpackers to undertake employment to supplement their travel in Australia. Nationals from a number of countries including the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Germany are eligible, provided they are under the age of 31 and are not being accompanied by dependent children.

A working holiday visa is for 12 months, however holders may only work for the same employer for 6 months. For this reason it is not ideal for those looking for professional employment in a skilled occupation as many Australian employers will not employ professional staff for such a short period.

If eligible for a permanent skilled visa, travelling on a working holiday visa will usually result in the loss of the required 12 months recent work experience necessary to apply for permanent residency – this can result in the need to return home for a further 12 months to obtain the required work experience. One option is to apply for a permanent skilled visa prior to applying for a working holiday visa. This way, instead of waiting for your permanent visa to be processed while outside Australia, holders can use the working holiday visa as an interim visa to live and work in Australia while their permanent residency is processed. For further information on this option please contact us.

While many companies will charge for assisting with a working holiday visa application, this is one of few Australian visa categories which applicants can easily apply for themselves without professional assistance. It involves a simple online application on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection's website.

To determine whether you are eligible for a permanent Australian visa, whether you are interested now or after your working holiday visa, please complete our free visa eligibility questionnaire.

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