Student Visas

Australia each year welcomes over 100,000 overseas students who undertake a variety of trade, diploma and degree qualifications at Australia’s world-class educational institutions. These courses range in length from a few months to multiple years. Obtaining a student visa requires first finding and then enrolling in an eligible course in Australia. Through our education partners, we can assist with course selection and enrolment. As a Registered Migration Agent, we can also professionally prepare and submit your student visa application and represent you throughout the whole visa process.

Most student visas provide restricted working rights allowing for supplementary income to support your study. Those studying are permitted to work 40 hours per fortnight during study periods and unlimited hours during course breaks. Any partner that accompanies the person studying is also only permitted to work 40 hours per fortnight only. However, dependents of masters and research students can work unlimited hours.

Many international students study in Australia with the goal of obtaining permanent residency after their course finishes. This has become more difficult in recent years, however with careful course selection a pathway to permanent residency still does exist. Graduates from an Australian course of at least 2 years duration are given a minimum 18 month graduate visa which allows time to find an Australian employer to provide permanent employer sponsorship. Also if an eligible qualification has been obtained in Australia (such as one for an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List), graduates can also apply directly for permanent residency through a skilled visa.

If the purpose of studying in Australia is to obtain permanent residency, further detailed advice should be sought from a Registered Migration Agent. Those pursuing this visa route need to also be aware immigration regulations can also change while studying in Australia. Immigration2oz can therefore provide ongoing visa advice throughout your course of studies to ensure you are best placed to ultimately achieve a permanent visa.

If you are interested in studying in Australia, whether for the qualification alone or with a view to obtaining permanent residency, please contact us.

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