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Visa Points Test

The visa points test awards points over a range of different criteria and is used to help determine basic eligibility for a skilled visa and also decides which applicants will be selected to receive an invitation to lodge a final visa application. The idea of the points test is that it is the best means to fairly determine which applicants possess the most human capital which will be of benefit to Australia. A points based skilled visa system was pioneered in Australia over 30 years ago and has been copied by a number of other countries including the UK, New Zealand and Canada.

The minimum pass mark required for all skilled visas is 65 points – if applicants fall below this, they are not eligible. Since the increase in the points score from 1 July 2018, scoring as many points as possible above 65 is also very important. Under SkillSelect, each Expression of Interest submitted will be grouped with other applications in the same occupation and then ranked based by points score. Each month the Department of Immigration and Border Protection will select those applications ranked highest to receive invitations to apply. Therefore, in order to provide yourself the best chance of receiving such an invitation, ensuring you receive the highest score possible on the visa points test is crucial.

Points are awarded for a range of things such as age, length of work experience, qualifications held, English ability, work or study experience in Australia etc. If a partner is included in your application and they also possess skills in an eligible qualification , additional points are also available. All basic skilled visa criteria, including obtaining a skills assessment, must independently be met by the partner if claiming partner skill points. Additional points are also awarded for sponsorship by a state or territory and in many cases the minimum pass mark can only be met with the benefit of state/territory sponsorship. Sponsorship by an eligible relative living in a specified regional area of Australia also provides additional points

As a Registered Migration Agent, we at Immigration2oz can assist you to maximise your points score ensuring you obtain every point possible. We invite you to complete our free visa eligibility questionnaire for an assessment of your points score and your overall visa eligibility.

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