Skilled Visas

State Migration Plans

At the beginning of each financial year the State Migration Plans are negotiated by each State/Territory with the Federal Government. In so doing all eight States/Territories (States) effectively short list occupations that they will publish on their State Nomination Occupations Lists (SNOLs), for which they will accept nomination applications. They can select occupations from either the Medium to Long Term Skills Shortage List (MLTSSL), Short Term Skilled Occupations List (STOL) or the Regional Skilled Occupations List (ROL). Each occupation is subject to a quota which is renegotiated annually after the 1st July. The State would have established a need for the listed occupations in their State, therefore occupations listed on respective state migration plans are in demand, based on the needs of their own local economy.

Each State Migration Plan also differentiates between those occupations it sponsors for a permanent skilled visa and those it sponsors for a provisional skilled visa. In addition to being skilled in an occupation included on a State Migration Plan, applicants will also need to meet other requirements as determined individually by each state/territory, in order to receive nomination. Some eligible occupations are nominated by multiple States thereby providing you with a choice of where you wish to seek nomination from. Please note that the State Migration Plans (SMP's) are regularly revised, and nomination's for your occupation could change before you are ready to apply for your State nomination.

If your application for nomination is approved you will be awarded with 5 bonus points for a subclass 190 visa or 15 bonus points for a subclass 491 visa, towards your visa application. In return for the Nomination you have an obligation to live in that State for your first two years in Australia.

Since the SMP's are liable to change due to the imposed ceilings and quotas; we would recommend that you proceed with your application without delay to avoid disappointment in the future, if you are satisfied with your State/Territory nomination options. We will regularly re-evaluate your State/Territory nomination options throughout the visa application process. If at any stage you require an update, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To learn which states and territories currently sponsor your application please complete our free visa eligibility questionnaire. This will allow us to advise on your overall visa eligibility, including other state/territory nomination options and also inform you of your total visa points score.

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