Skilled Visas

Skills Assessment

The first step in the Skilled Visa process is to obtain a Skills Assessment from the relevant skills assessment authority.  Each eligible occupation – whether on the Skilled Occupation List or a State Migration Plan – has an Australian skills assessment authority designated by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. For example, nurses and midwives apply to the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Board for a skills assessment, while tradespeople apply to Trades Recognition Australia.

Following a successful application for a skills assessment, an official document from the relevant assessing authority will be issued which must be submitted in your visa application. Without this document no skilled visa application can be validly lodged. Each skills assessment authority has their own specialised criteria, separate from the visa criteria, which must be met. Often these skills assessment requirements can be more difficult.

For some trade occupations, a practical skills test comprises a major part of the relevant skills assessment. This practical test is completed locally and once passed results in not only a skills assessment being issued, but also an Australian trade qualification. In other trade occupations, where the application is entirely paper-based and no practical skills test is involved, if an applicant does not have the required overseas trade qualifications (with skills instead being gained on-the-job) then obtaining an Australian qualification may be necessary beforehand. This can be done at your home location and is assessed entirely on your prior on-the-job learning and skills in your industry. In such cases an Australian trade qualification may not only be necessary to meet the skills assessment criteria, but will be of benefit in the Australian job market.

As the skills assessment forms the crucial first step, obtaining professional advice from a Registered Migration Agent on your eligibility for a skills assessment and also the skilled visa itself is vital. We therefore invite you to complete our free visa eligibility questionnaire which will allow us to assess your eligibility for an Australian skills assessment in your specific occupation and whether you qualify for a skilled visa also.

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