Skilled Visas

Skilled Visa Application

Once an Expression of Interest (EOI) is selected – either automatically by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for being among those with the highest points scores or for sponsorship by a state or territory government – an invitation to apply is issued to the chosen applicant. This invitation is valid for 60 days, during which a skilled visa application must be lodged. To lodge this final visa application, a skills assessment and (if applicable) an English test must first have been completed.

The skilled visa application is the final, but most important stage of the skilled visa process. Applications require detailed biographical information regarding personal identity, work history, educational history, information on extended family, evidence of domestic relationships, etc. Similar information is required for all immediate family members who are included in the application. Information must be supported by convincing documentary evidence. A significant amount of evidence proving work history is particularly important. All applicants are also required to provide police clearance certificates and undergo medical examinations once their application is processed, prior to visa grant . All information and documents are examined closely by a case officer of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and may be referred to Australia’s security agencies. DIBP may also undertake independent investigations to verify work history, qualifications and other details.

Information provided in the EOI must correspond to the final visa application as any discrepancies will likely lead to an application refusal and if application fraud is found, can also result in a three year ban from re-applying. Consistency and accuracy between the EOI and the visa application is therefore of the utmost important and is best ensured by engaging a Registered Migration Agent to represent you.

We invite you to complete our free visa eligibility questionnaire which will allow us to provide a detailed assessment of your visa eligibility, including your points score.

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