Skilled Visas

Family Sponsorship

Eligible relatives living in a ‘specified regional area’ of Australia can provide family sponsorship of a provisional skilled visa. This adds 10 points to your visa points score which may be required to meet the minimum pass mark or alternatively serve to boost your score so your Expression of Interest is more likely to receive an invitation to apply.

A provisional skilled visa leads to a permanent visa after you have lived in a ‘specified regional area’ for two years and worked for at least one. Obviously, obtaining a permanent visa from the outset is most beneficial but for some applicants this is not an option and they must therefore first apply for a provisional visa through family sponsorship or state/territory sponsorship. Provided the above residence and work requirements are met, a provisional visa does provide a direct pathway to permanent residency.

For the purposes of family sponsorship, ‘specified regional area’ comprises the entirety of Australia except metropolitan areas of New South Wales (Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong) and Queensland (Brisbane). If you have an eligible relative living in any other part of Australia (including metropolitan Melbourne), they can sponsor you. The eligible relative must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

The following listed relatives are recognised as an eligible relative for the purposes of family sponsorship for a provisional skilled visa. The relative in Australia can be related either to the main applicant or their accompanying partner.

  • A child
  • A parent
  • A brother or sister
  • An aunt or uncle
  • A niece or nephew
  • A grandparent
  • A first cousin

Eligible relatives (except  grandparents or first cousins) located anywhere in  Australia (including outside ‘specified regional areas’) can also provide family sponsorship for a permanent skilled visa. This however confers no additional points on the visa points test, nor any other current benefit.

To discover whether you qualify for a skilled visa, either with or without family sponsorship, please complete our free visa eligibility questionnaire. We will email you a detailed assessment of your visa eligibility, including your points score.

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