Employer Sponsored Visas

Temporary Employer Sponsorship


This TSS visa supersedes the 457 Temporary Skilled (Work) Visa and allows Australian employers (and also overseas businesses establishing Australian operations) to sponsor overseas workers for up to 4 years. This visa has two sets of different rules which are applied according to which skilled list the applicant's nominated occupation is listed.

The primary list of occupations - MLTSSL - rules: 

  • Applicants can apply for 4-year visas
  • Visas are renewable
  • Applicants can transition to apply for a permanent employer sponsored visa after 3 years, providing the employer will extend to another 3-year contract. 
  • Applicants could also apply for a permanent employer sponsored visas via direct entry

The secondary list of occupations - STSOL - rules: 

  • Applicants can apply for a 2-year visa only
  • Visa is renewable ONCE ONLY
  • Maximum stay 4 years, then you need to leave Australia
  • Applicants WILL NOT be able to transition to apply for a permanent employer sponsored visa any longer.
  • Applicants WILL NOT be able to apply for a permanent employer sponsored visas via direct entry

The TSS visa requires a regular ongoing contract of employment to be offered which meets a minimum salary level. A market salary test also applies meaning the salary offered must be comparable to that paid to Australian employees in a similar employment role. There are also a number of other eligibility criteria that the sponsoring business must meet. Positions will also be labour market tested Labour Market Testing (LMT) for TSS, which will seek to balance prioritising Australian workers and recognising industry practices, and will be informed by the approach taken by comparable countries.

Work experience requirements for the TSS visa
As per the Government’s 18 April 2017 announcement, TSS visa applicants will be required to have worked in the nominated occupation, or a related field, for at least two years. Work experience related caveats that apply at the nomination stage for the subclass 457 visa will not apply to TSS nominations.
TSS visa holders who wish to change occupation (as opposed to the employer), to have a new nomination approved and a new visa granted before they start work in a new occupation.

No age limit applies to this visa, but a number of requirements must be met by the visa applicant. These include having the qualifications and experience required for the nominated position, having adequate health cover while in Australia and meeting English language requirements.

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Please note...

For the migrants (especially families) the 482 TSS visa has the following drawbacks:

  • It is Temporary & not a Permanent visa
  • You do not have the same rights as an Australian
  • You may need to pay for your own Medical care
  • You may need to pay for your Children’s school fees
  • If you lose or quit your job, you need to find another job sponsor within 60 days, or you must leave the Country. Failure to do so will adversely affect future visa applications



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