What Our Clients Say

"We just wanted to express our deepest gratitude to immigration2oz for guiding us so brilliantly from start to finish through the process of obtaining our 189 permanent residency visa for Australia. Your instructions were always crystal clear and it took a lot of the stress out of the whole process, as we just had to provide you with the necessary paperwork. Thank you also for responding so promptly each time to our queries and slightly unusual situation. We have absolutely no hesitations or concerns in recommending your company to anyone who is needing expert guidance and advice in obtaining a visa for Australia. Thank you so very much to you and your team!"

Anonymous - 2019


"I would just like to thank you and the team for getting me to this point, which with out the team mainly, Tiffany and Emma, I wouldn’t have achieved. It’s a massive leap to take and without the care and attention from you guys we wouldn’t have our visa granted. All the ups and downs, all the paperwork was worth it in the end. John and Warrick were always on hand if needed and a pep talk from both of them helped along the way and gave myself a massive boost. Thank you all once again, the Trentham’s."

The Trentham Family - 2018


"Thank you all once again for helping us realise our dream of a new life in Australia, I cannot describe the feelings and emotions we are experiencing right now knowing we are on the brink of our adventure and it’s all thanks to you guys and the fabulous service you provide! I will gladly forward you our new address in Australia and would love to re-engage your services to apply for our permanent residency visas once we meet the criteria."

James & Helen - 2018


"I just wanted to say a big thank you for making the visa process so straightforward and hassle fee. From John’s original assessment and advice, through Tiffany’s painstaking attention to detail, both on the application form and the extensive list of required backing documents, this has been a thoroughly professional experience from start to finish. I really don’t think I could have completed the application so swiftly on my own. If anyone is applying for a visa, my advice: look no further!"

Andrew Benson, 2018


"The team at Immigration2Oz have an expert knowledge of all the intricate details of the visa process and guided us through each stage of the process. We really felt supported, valued and understood especially by John and Warrick who really took the time to get to know our family and our personal journey. With our visa grants now in hand we are soon to begin a whole new world down under thanks to the hard work and dedication of everyone at Immigration2oz."

The Trahearn Family - 2017


"The team at Immigration2oz were friendly, competent and easy to talk to. They answered any questions promptly and clearly, detailing what was required from us for the application and always being available to answer any questions. Tiffany worked tirelessly to make sure we got the result we wanted and was always friendly and approachable.

Thanks again to John and his team at Immigration2oz. We hope everyone is well and look forward to the new adventures ahead."

-Douglas Wallace - 2017


"Thank you so much John, Tiffany and Team, for all the effort you have put into this to help make it happen. We really appreciate all of your hard work and advice along the way.

We will keep in touch as we progress the next phase of our journey."

-Brenton Welsh - 2017


"It really made my day to get the call to say that my visa had been granted. It finally means that we can really start on the move.

Thanks again to all the team at Immigration to Oz for your help, especially Tiffany. It's been a long and complicated process and having your advice and guidance has been a great help. Without it we would have been lost when applying, and may well have ended up going down a different and more expensive route. I really can't speak highly enough of your team and if any friends follow us to Australia I'll definitely recommend you."

-Gary Andrews -  2017


"This show came up at the right time as we were thinking of doing it ourselves, as my wife is Australian and  I am from London.

Following a brief meeting at the Down under event around April 2013 in London, we had absolutely no idea that to reach our final destination , we had to transit through a complex journey which required specific expertise, skills and a systematic approach.

I met John Adams from Immigration2oz , who was 100% confident ( " Kepitol "  in fact ), on our application process and without any hesitation our minds were made up, to employ their services.

Our Client Manager (Tiffany), who uses Immigration2oz systems was Sedulous and Erudite!

Without a doubt she made the process simple and seamless!

John's team are prompt , efficient and timely.

After employing their services (Feb 2016 ), they went the extra mile far more than we ever expected and as a result of their guidance and direction they saved us £ Thousands of pounds and resulted to the visa being granted June 2016.

Thank you Immigration2oz for our new beginnings .

I am more happy to recommend this stellar company !"

- Richard and Michelle Thomas


"After the call I actually had to run out of the building and scream for joy.

We want you to know how pleased we are with all your help and the courtesy and professionalism you have shown, but most of all your patience and support with all the questions we have asked. This is now a very exciting time knowing we will soon be starting our new family adventure in Australia.

Thank you all, for the work you put in to making our family dream come true and for the smooth ride getting to this point.
We will be in contact again to keep you posted.

Tarun, Lynsey, Ethan & Mila


"From our initial meeting with Immigration2os staff an an exhibition in London, through the long process of obtaining a parental visa, we have been impressed by their professionalism, helpfulness and understanding of the visa process. We were always treated courteously and promptly and were kept informed and updated throughout the process. The assistance in completing the numerous forms and the guidance given to us through the various stages proved invaluable. Undoubtedly we would have been overwhelmes without the professional help of immigration2oz."

- Fiona Donald



"We are so happy to be saying we are permanent residents of Australia which we are so grateful to John and Tiffany for helping make this happen...

We initially attended the 'Down Under' seminar and although this helped to clarify that we defiantly wanted to make this life change, we new we didn't make the skills job criteria and age wasn't on our side. We desperately wanted to join our daughters who had established a life in Melbourne. We spoke to the guys from ' immigration2oz' at the seminar and they suggested meeting with John to discuss our options.
We met with the lovely John at his offices in Guildford and he was an absolute pleasure to meet. He explained everything so well, the visa process is so complicated we wouldn't be here without him. We decided to apply for a contributory parent visa as this would give us PR immediately and enable us to work anywhere and stay indefinitely. During the process we dealt mainly with Tiffany, she was a delight, every question was answered with compassion and professionalism. Her empathy was immensely appreciated at such a stressful time.

I would recommend John and his team in a heart beat. I owe them my life (( that's a life down under with my girls))"

-Estelle & Ian


"when I researched the prospect of emigrating on the Australian government website my heart sank at the seeming incomprehensibility of the process. Fortunately I found John and his team who guided me along the way and now, after almost a year here, I have received my Contributory Aged Parent visa - not an attractive title I admit but one that enables me to stay here for ever and watch at close quarters three little boys grow up. So if there are any other grandparents out there in a similar situation I would warmly recommend John and his team to help you with the process.

They have brought me such joy."

-Merilyn Harris


"I approached immigration2oz to help with my visa application after hearing them speak at a Down Under Live conference. Having now been granted my visa I can whole heartedly recommend their services. As a management accountant, I was limited to the type of visa I could apply for and locations in which I would be able to work, which made the application a little more complicated than I expected. John Adams was extremely thorough in talking through all my options and provided his expert advice right from day one of the process, which has resulted in my family being able to make the move abroad. I am sure his persistence and incredible knowledge of the system was the reason my application was a success! His team of staff have been extremely devoted to my case and they have all gone the extra mile to ensure my application was dealt with accurately and efficiently. Thank you immigration2oz, you really have made my families dreams come true!"

-Phil Evans



"As a family of 5 and having tentatively looked into the process of emigration – we knew it would be difficult both in terms of qualifying and application processing.  We met John Adams and immediately had confidence in his honesty, openness and ability and decided to go with his company.  We could have tried the application process ourselves and save some money but with such a massive step and huge change in your life and so many limitations on entry requirements for Australia – we felt this would be far better handled by John and his company.

Initially our original thoughts were confirmed and we didn’t qualify for a visa and prepared ourselves to follow the 2 year course of action of gaining additional qualifications to meet the criteria.  However, John called us out of the blue a few weeks later to inform us of a temporary change to the entry criteria, he had everything ready to go and our Visa came through a few weeks later.  A result that we would definitely have not been able to achieve by applying ourselves – this type of service is typical of John, Tiffany and the team, even the aftercare (long after the visa has been granted) is second to none."

-Keith Battle


"At first I was a bit wary of using an agent for my visa application to Australia, but after meeting with John and his team, I was fully confident they would provide all the help I needed to complete the process. They kept me up to date with any changes that came through from the Australian department and the constant updates and advice enabled me to plan my move to Australia, which was completed in June 2016.

Congratulations to Immigration2oz for excellent service."

-Ray Barry


"Dear John, Tiffany and team,

Thank you SO much for assisting us with making our dreams come true. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for all of your hard work and support throughout this crazy journey.

We are still processing the fact we finally have our Visas, I think we're still in shock haha.

It's fantastic news! We are over the moon and cannot thankyou and your team enough for guiding us to victory!

But we just wanted to say thank you"

Kevin, Leah & Evangeline


"Hi John,

Thank you to and everyone at Immigration2Oz for your help.

I really did not expect to be able to qualify for a skilled visa, let alone be granted one so quickly!  I really appreciate your support, it felt very personal.

I am sure in the weeks and months ahead I maybe returning for advice once I have taken everything on board, but in the meantime thank you so much."

Ruth Goodwyn


"We'd like to thank you for all of your work over the past months/years. You have all been so supportive and reassuring throughout this process. At times when we thought we'd hit a wall, you guided us through the various steps and ensured that all tasks were completed fully.

We really appreciate your swift responses to our many, MANY questions, and your patience and encouragement when our progress slowed! Without your help, I'm certain that our application would've ground to a complete halt during this very busy time in our working lives.

So thanks once again for everything, Immigration2oz, you have been an absolute pleasure to deal with. We will certainly be recommending your services to any friends of ours who are looking to emigrate in the future."

Spencer & Louise McHenry


"I was initially with another agent when I got frustrated and disappointed with the way they approached my application and I almost ended up applying for the wrong Visa. Switching to John Adams service (Immigration2oz) was one of the best choices I did in my life. After an initial discussion with John where he advised on the right path to follow, everything went like a clock and got the right Visa in no time. A truly professional service."

- Xenios


"Thank you all so much you are a wonderful team!

You’ve made a minefield feel like a day at the fair!!

Lots of love to you all"

- Sam Dom Emily and Dom jr


"Excellent, friendly and efficient service! Applying for an Australian visa can be a daunting task, but John and his team at Immigration2Oz really know what they are talking about and go out of their way to help you understand the process and work with you through every step of the way.  From the initial consultation right to the end, they offer you practical and realistic advice. They check all your documents and forms and ensure that everything is correct first time so that there are no come backs or unnecessary delays. Immigration2Oz make the difficult and complicated procedure of applying for a visa hassle free.  With our subclass 190 visa in hand I would happily recommend them to anyone!"

Kind regards,


'Hi John & Warrick

Thanks you so very, very much for all of your hard work and assistance during the last 11 months. We are extremely happy (and in slight disbelief) that we have really made it! It is something we have wanted since we returned from our travels in 2012. We will of course complete your feedback form but we would like to say a special thank you to yourself, Bianca  and Tiffany for all of their hard work. We are not sure how many of you work at Immigration 2oz but it seems to be extremely organised and professional.  We couldn't have hoped for a better agent. We will be sure to recommend and speak highly of your company at every opportunity. We will keep you posted on our progress!"

Kind regards
The Gilberts


"Quite simply we could not have obtained our visa without the excellent knowledge, support and guidance provided to us by John, Tiffany and the team at Immigration2oz! I certainly wasn't a standard case, I didn't meet the minimum points requirements for a General Skilled Migration visa however I did meet the criteria of an in demand role. Not having enough points didn't deter John and his team; they clearly informed me about the options that were available to me (state sponsorship) and how best to progress. The team steered me through my Skill Assessment with the Australian Computing Society, gave me guidance in preparation for my IELTS test and they gave clear advice and guidance during the various form filling stages! The effort has paid off and my family and I have been granted a state sponsored visa by the WA government - we arrive in Perth on the 8th of September 2011. It's not an overstatement to say that we could not have done it without Immigration2oz!!! Thanks guys!"

- Steve Robinson


"If I could sum immigration2oz up in a few words then I would have to say that they are professional, helpful, and always at the end of the phone.
With the ever changing immigration rules thrown at us during our journey, John and his team kept us informed every step of the way as to how this would affect our application. John has always been available to us with our numerous questions and emails. For this, I am extremely grateful to him.
With the rule changes it seemed as though our chances of achieving our dream of migrating to Australia were going to be extremely difficult. However, with tireless work by John and his team, our dream has finally been realised, and our family hope to emigrate to Australia next year!
For those who are choosing an immigration agent to undertake your application, I cannot recommend immigration2oz highly enough. This process is demanding enough but John and his team are there to take away any unnecessary stress that may be encountered.
We are looking forward to planning the next chapter of our life!"

- Natalie (30), Mark (26), Ella (2), Noah (born 20.4.11)


"The Australian visa application process seemed such a daunting prospect before I made contact with John Adams at Initially John was able to quickly assess whether we would have the correct requirements to begin the process and start our application. Throughout the whole process John and his colleagues showed a high level of expertise and always swiftly replied and dealt with any issues we had. We are extremely pleased that John was able to help us obtain our Permanent Visas for our family and would highly recommend him to others who are thinking about emigrating to Australia. Thank you,
The Burgoine Family

We were given Johns name from friends he had already helped emigrate to Australia, they told us he provided a professional, friendly, reliable service, we found all this to be true. The team at immigration2oz made what could be a stressful process relatively painless. John and the team coaxed me through the forms and processes that I would have found difficult on my own. In short nice people great service and value for money. We have been successful in moving to Australia thanks to John and his great team. Even after the whole process was finished I could still ask John for advice and help. Thank you all."

- Karen McLay & Michael Hodge

"This is just a short email to say a big thank you to you and your team there (especially Tiffany) for helping us acquire our visa for Oz. The way you advised us and were always there at the end of the phone should we need ANY reassurance was fantastic. There is no way we could have achieved this outcome without your help, and we look forward to flying out to Oz in November this year to begin our new life down under. As you are already know, I have already recommended you to two of my friends who are considering emigrating, and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone else who was considering using an agent in the visa process. Once again many thanks,and I hope you have many more successful years in the future."

-Scott, Sally, Emma and Abbie Morgan

"Having worked in Australia before, and going through the rigours of obtaining a visa (albeit with the help of the sponsoring company on a temporary visa), I can say that's it’s not the easiest process. This had been my experience, but in deciding to pursue my own residency visa, I thought if anything it would be a more difficult experience.
Safe to say having got my visa within 9 months of first consultation, working with John, and the team at was the best decision I made. I chose them as they are used by one of the leading recruitment agencies for overseas which in itself is a great testimony. The first consultation allowed me to ask as many questions as I could think off, and the assurances left me with no option but to use their services. Their competent in-depth knowledge of immigration law and interpersonal skills are the reason they achieve the best results.
 Subsequently anyone who has approached me has been recommended to them, and fair to say, if they promise to deliver, they will deliver.
 It's been a pleasure working with them, and a most stress free experience."

- James Richards


"My wife and I have been very fortunate to have dealt directly with John Adams to obtain our Business Visa. He is an extremely experience and professional commercial operator, with an in-depth knowledge of Australian immigration law and visa classes – a rare breed! 
John was always on hand (seemed like he never went home to sleep!) to answer my e-mails or telephone questions.  He was very thorough with our application, leaving no stone unturned.  A calming influence throughout the whole process, John provided stability managing our expectations well.  In short my wife and I have no hesitation in recommending John’s services and indeed I have mentioned to John that he may use us as a telephone reference if he so wishes. John – Best wishes to you and may your business continue to prosper."

- Nigel & Selina Swaby


"I would happily and highly recommend Immigration2Oz to anyone looking to migrate to Australia. A very friendly team that never pressured me into signing up to their services. They act like a good friend trying to help you, opposed to a firm just looking for your money.  They are very professional and always act & respond promptly.

One thing I liked about their service is that you don't have to pay a single lump fee beforehand, it is broken down into different segments dependant on the migration phase/task.

I decided to go with them after meeting John Adams at the Down Under Live Seminar back in 2009. At that stage I was not quite ready to emigrate but in 2013 I was ready and got in touch with him because of his highly regarded reputation within the migration business.

I started to gather information for my skills assessment in the spring and was granted my visa in October. A very quick process that in the end was not that stressful because Immigration2Oz take that away from you and manage the stress.

With each task, they send you a simplified email of exactly what they need you to do and are always happy to take a telephone call if needed. It is not just John who I would like thank but also Kate & Tiffany who helped with my application. Plus I am sure there has been other members of the team, behind the scenes, who have also helped with my application.

I enjoyed working with Immigration2oz and building a nice rapport. I never thought I would get my 189 permanent visa within 7 months from my first consultation....

I cannot thank them enough for making my life long dream become a reality and changing my life for the better."

- James Chadwick (I.T Professional)



This is absolutely fantastic news!!
Thank you so much to yourself, Bianca and Tiffany for all of your work, help and support in securing this.
As I said to you before we left the UK, the service has been fantastic and we really appreciate it.
I look forward to receiving the final bits of paperwork.
You've helped to make our dreams come true.
Thanks very much"

- Steve, Nat and Dexter


"Hi John,

I want to sincerely thank you, Bianca, Tiffany, and everyone else on the team who made this a reality for me. You have consistently provided an excellent service and I would be more than happy to recommend you in future.

Many, many, many thanks!

Looking forward to further instructions since I am not really clear on how to proceed now.

Best wishes!"

- Matt


"I was recommended to John by friends, who met him at a seminar. They said he was so polite and helpful. Whereas, all the others were way too loud and pushy. We phoned him and liked him straight away. John and the team seem very experienced, and all go out of their way to help. Right from the start till the end. 100% highly recommended. Great Team."

- Brenda & Philip


"We have never experienced such professional expertise, nor a friendly, warm, and compassionate bunch of people in our lifetime.

Both John and Tiffany stood firm and provided us with ongoing support, and a true dedication to our plight to immigrate to Australia.

A truly outstanding company, one which we would recommend time and time again."

- Deborah & David Compton